Wet Basement Repair

In addition to my car repairs that I normally take care of on my own, recently I have had to perform some wet basement repair in my Kitchener home. Unfortunately my garage is situated right next to where my basement his in my house. The wet basement repairs has lead me to have to park my landrover on the streets. I found this video below extremely helpful in obtaining the resources that I would need from experienced contractors

Paintless Dent Repair Toronto for your Land Rover

You might be looking for Paintless Dent Repair Toronto because you have heard of the recent study and statistics on the number of accidents in Canada having risen by about 7.3 percent over the past year. Based on this study, Toronto had an average of 6.45 accidents for every 100 cars and the suburbs such as Markham, Ajax and North York averaged even more accidents.

Large Car dent requiring paintless dent repairThis is quite an unfortunate statistic and for us Land Rover and car owners alike, it can be really gut wrenching to get into minor fender benders or come out of a grocery store and realize a shopping car has caused a dent in your vehicle. Now car dents, dings and scratches can even be caused by hail damage as well and come in all shapes and sizes. The big ones can truly be an eye sore, while some people leave the small ones unfixed. However, it is highly suggested that you fix these car dents.

There are several good reasons as to why you should call a technician specialzing in mobile dent repair Markham, Toronto or Stouffville to fix fix these issues. For one, the value of your car is reduced even with minor dings. Used vehicles are appraised on a scale ranging from Excellent, Good, Fair or Poor condition. One of two small dents can cause a difference between a Good, Fair and Poor rating which will greatly depreciate your car. The only reason is that if your car dent or scratches reach the paint, it can start to rust and cause even more damage and completely ruin the cosmetic of your vehicle.

Paintless Dent removal is a technique that is honed by specialists for repairing minor dents from the vehicle. A site that is recommended to check out is mobiledentrepairgta.com. They offer a lot of expertise on what can be done to repair the finish of your car by removing the dent and returning the car back to it’s original condition. This can be useful in keeping the value of your car as well as save you money from expensive insurance claims and hefty repair bills from the mechanics at your car deals.



The Benefit of Winter Tires in Toronto and Markham

benefits of having winter tires in toronto

Do you have winter tires on your Land Rovers for winter driving in Toronto and Markham? While it is true that the Land Rovers are built for off roading and different road conditions, there are still many people who wonder about the benefits of having winter tires. A recent study in Toronto driving conditions pits  an all season tire, summer tire and winter lamellen tire to the ultimate test. The first major difference can be seen right away as the cars start accelerating. Winter tires offer vastly superior traction and allows a vehicle to quickly move right out of the blocks, while the summer and all season counter parts take a much longer time to get moving.


steering in wintery markham and toronto roads can be dangerousThe winter tire’s larger shoulder blocks, high density siping and special winter compounds deliver dramatically improved grip strength, stability and control. This leads to the real advantage of winter and it becomes extremely obvious as you look at a study of maneuverability of a vehicle in real life situations such as wintery road conditions in the GTA or Markham region. An unexpected obstacle can pose a real danger. Summer tires simply do not allow for enough lateral grip to allow you to maneuver around an obstacle. Performing the same move on winter tires however is a completely different result. The winter tire treads really bite into the snow, maintaining maximum control through the move to avoid obstacles safely and effortlessly.


braking in stouffville roads is much improved using winter tiresIn order to really put the difference in perspective, let’s look at the braking performance of all three winter tires. Driving at the same speed and applying the maximum braking force each tire allows,  the differences are quite dramatic. The winter tire brings the car to a stand still in just a few meters. Predictably, the all season takes almost 80% longer. Not a big shocker but the summer tires have no ability to grip an icy surface. In dangerous road conditions found in Toronto or more north in the York region, the summer tires could take more than twice as long to stop.

In conclusion, based on the results of this study and from first hand experience, it is highly recommended to install a set of winter tires for winter driving in Toronto and Markham. Stop by your local store this winter to pick up a good pair of Bridgestone or Good year winter tires. They are definitely worth the cost, always remember safety first!

Land Rover Discovery – The Family Car

Now it might be badged as a land rover, you can think of the Land Rover Discovery as a practical version of the Range Rover Evoque that has 7 seats. Despite taking up less space on the road in the BMW X3, there are 7 seats. So what does it feel like? As you can imagine, it is really tight in the back, as it is not exactly designed for adults. A short trip perhaps would be bearable, but any long journey then the back seats will not be recommended for grown ups. Kids, on the other hand, will be absolutely fine in the back. There are also some face level air vents, cup holders and USB inputs for charging their phones in the rear seats.

Land Rover Discovery in Markham

Time to check out the middle row. The middle seats slide forward so you can get in and out easily. The seats can also easily slide back so you can get as much knee room as a range rover. If you need to chill out and take a nap, there is the option to recline the seats. Even if you sit fairly up right, there is still plenty of head room for a tall person like myself. There are lots of nice features as well in the middle for all the techies out there in need to charge their phones or iPods. The middle season can also fold down to maximize space for storage. There are many little nooks and crannies as well as different compartments for storing your many different items and belongings.

The Land Rover Discovery is as good for storing stuff as it is for carrying people. If you fold the third row and middle row of seats down, you can create a fairly usable load bay, which is a larger volume of storage area compared to other rivals in it’s class.

Land Rover Discovery Storage

The Land Rover Discovery is suited with the latest tech. Even the entry level model pretty much has all the essentials that you would need including leather seats, cruise control, climate control, heated seats, rear parking sensors, touch screen, satellite navigation, automatic lights and wiper.

Obviously safety is important in a family car like this. The good news is the Land Rover Discovery gets a full 5 star in euro NCAP safetey rating. It includes many air bags for the drivers knee, air bags all the way in the bag and even in front for the pedestrians. Then there are systems to prevent accidents in the first place, including lane keeping aid which stops you from weaving out of the lane, as well a system that will detect if you’re about to get into an accident and apply the brakes automatically. Finally you also have Land Rover’s terrain response system to give you maximum grip based on the surface you’re traveling on.

If you want your 4×4 to go off road, the discovery sport is the king. It will be able to go where the likes of BMW, Mercedes and Audi fear to go. For driving on-road, the driving experience is fairly good.  It’s a comfortable car, the suspension deals well with speed bumps. At lower speeds, the ride fidgets a bit  but is not too bad. At high speeds, the car feels planted and is reasonably quiet with not too much wind noise. It is very easy to drive down a twisty road or in the brutal winter conditions that you will see here in Toronto and Canada.Land Rover Discovery Off-road in Toronto

There are some downside, while it does provide decent performance, it is rather noisy and consumes quite a bit of gas. But all in all the Land Rover Discovery is an excellent family car to drive.


The Land Rover Freelander has lots going for it. A desirable emblem, rugged good looks and plenty of practicality. The tall body means it’s very easy to get in to. In the back there is decent knee room and good head room. Plus, because you can fold out the rear seat basis, when you fold the backs down, they lie completely flat. It’s really practical in the front too, there are some useful cup holders in the center console and large side door bins. There’s lots of adjustments you can make in the steering wheel and in the driver’s seat. Plus all the buttons have a nice chunky feel to them.

Land Rover Freelander GTA

Needless to say, being a land rover, the Freelander is brilliant off road, which means you can take it green laning. It comes with something called two reign response, which lets you set up the four wheel drive situation, for different conditions, just by turning a dial on the center console. When you are facing a scary decline, with a push of a button, you can engage a feature called hill descent control, which brakes the car so that you can go down safely.

Now, not too many people actually take their land rovers, off roading. But fortunately, the Freelander is really good on road too. With it’s high seating, you can see everything on the road which gives you good visibility to your surrounding environments. This is especially important for driving in the snowy terrain such as in Markham and Toronto. The elevated view makes it really easy to drive in town. It is also really relaxing on the open road because compliant suspension makes the ride nice and comfortable.

I must point out however, that the steering feels a little bit less responsive.  It doesn’t handle as sharply as something like a BMW X3. This leads me to the downsides of the Freelander.  In general, the land rover is a nice and quiet at lower speeds. But due to it’s less aerodynamic shape, at higher speeds, it does generate a bit of wind noise. The trunk space also is not as large as you would expect. Finally, the land rover is fairly more expensive to buy compared to similar cars in it’s class.

Check out this video below for additional information on the Land Rover Freelander and Formatc.org for other great posts:


Land Rover Defender Icarus Review

Welcome to FormatC, the leading car and maintenance blog on the internet, specializing in the land rovers. Due to some previous technical difficulties, we are starting from scratch, but we promise we will be up and running and better than before!

Our first post in for our revamped site will talk about the Land Rover Defender Icarus, built by Alu-cab and compare it to my Toyotal Land Cruiser 78 to see which one is better. There is no doubt that the Land Rover Defender is made to have bits and pieces fitted to it. So much of it is to have beautiful toys and gadgets, having fun going into the bush in remote places. Icarus is the name given to this land cruiser by Alu-cab.  It’s actually a combined effort by Alu-cab and many equipment suppliers and manufacturers.

Land Rover Defender Icarus Toronto Dent Repair

The Icarus concept was to take a land rover defender and turn it into the most desirable rover land truck. It starts with the concept of the built in bed. The point of a built in roof top tent, is that I can move the bed out of the way and I can live in the rover. I can make a meal, my fridge and food is here. Or I can just stay in here and read. This kind of roof top tent has a few significant advantages over the traditional tent. I do not need a roof rack so I don’t need the extra weight. Packing and erecting it is incredibly simple as it takes about 20 seconds. Additionally, the size is way beyond any roof top tent on the market today.

Alu-cab has taken the concept of ease of packing that they built into their canopies and put it in the back of their station wagon. On one side I have my kitchen and the other my recovery kit. They’ve even fitted an awning with a single supporting pole.

This vehicle does have an advantage over the toyota land cruise 78 and that is, it has 4 doors. If you were to place equipment all the way in the back, you will have access to it via the back doors. That is the main advantage. The roof top tent is definitely also more spacious.

All in all I think this is a fantastic vehicle. It is a great way to get outdoors and go on an adventure. The defender is always a type of vehicle that attracts adventure and other defender owners.